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Welcome to Brand Police

Brand Police - Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Logos, Branding, Brand Building

Brand Police is a new blog covering a wide range of topics related to both technology and marketing, with a focus on how small to medium sized business can apply the often forgotten fundamentals of marketing in a digital age, and why it matters!

My name is Matt, and I’m passionate about all things marketing and website related. While I am definitely a technology guy, more often than not it’s my “inner marketing nerd” that will come out to play, so if you are looking for web programming hints you are probably at the wrong site. Same goes for so called “Internet Marketing” get rich quick schemes, which I generally find have two things in common; you don’t really get that rich, and it takes a long time! If you are however interested in improving your marketing and growing your brand through a greater understanding of what’s important and what’s not, then welcome!

Topic areas covered will include putting marketing strategies into practice both online and offline, search engine optimisation, website development, graphic design including discussion on logos, back to basics marketing strategy, and probably lots more – let’s see where this takes us!

As for the name? The Brand Police take no prisoners, and on this site I tell it like it is, for better or worse. I’ve been called blunt, but I prefer the term honest, even if brutally so sometimes! And it’s not all exposing bad guys, the aim is to “serve and protect” brands as well. One aim for this site is to in time provide specific branding and marketing advice at no cost, including website, logo and idea reviews in the form of case study. If anyone is game enough to be first up, please contact me as I’d love to hear from you.

About the author

Matthew has written 10 articles for Brand Police

Matthew Cummins is the owner of Marketing Web, a marketing, website design and SEO consultancy business. Matthew has degrees in both IT and Management/ Marketing as well as practical experience in B2B and B2C sales, marketing and marketing management, SEO and website development. Matt built his first website in 1995, and has been passionate about the web ever since.

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