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10 lessons from “Internet Marketers”

Learning real marketing from so called internet marketing tactics

It’s a strange form of marketing, but there is something we can learn from it!

I regularly receive emails from a couple different so called “Internet Marketers” offering me brand new systems with a name like “Nuclear Article Pro” or “Mass Niche Unlimited”, where I can make some figure like $13481 in only two weeks using their magical methods – because their year 10 dropout mechanic friend just did this – complete with “proof” in the form of a doctored Clickbank earnings report complete with the word proof and a red squiggle created in MS Paint. Or maybe some of them are real… either way not the sort of thing I would personally want to be involved in!

How I imaging a typical internet marketing guru would lookI’m sure you have all seen them; It’s never their idea, it’s some friend / “guru” who they just begged to tell them secret but he wouldn’t but now he’s releasing it to the world – the ENTIRE BLUEPRINT about how you can make seven figures of passive income with little effort in only a few hours. If you visit the sales page websites, not only does it have seemingly unending pages of text with lots weird fonts, there is always the classic yellow highlighted text, coloured box with a dotted line around and a testimonial in the font known as Courier New (who even uses that other than for programming code samples?), as well as a video from the guy telling you how much money he made, and finally a price of (usually) $97 – heavily reduced. Also included are bonuses, up sells, and a promise I will miss out forever if I don’t move soon, and so many P.S.’s and P.P.S.’s that they nearly run out of P’s!

Typical internet marketing tactic

A typical internet marketing proof shot!

And don’t forget a brightly coloured rendered graphic of a software box to give the impression it’s a “real” product. And finally – when I try to leave the site, I’m asked to OK or Cancel before I can go – seriously, the minute I see one of those, I lose any small amount of trust I may have had!

I believe that a lot of these so called “Internet Marketers” are basically the multi level marketers and snake oil salesmen of the Internet age – no longer selling vitamins, cleaning products or magical elixir, but e-books, video training courses and get rich quick schemes, all for a commission as an affiliate. There are definitely real products out there so don’t be scared of all affiliate based systems, just make sure you don’t get too caught up in the emotion and make wise decisions on what you buy!

Snake oil salesmen

Don't be a snake oil saleman!

So, you say, what does that have to do with anything – my business isn’t like that! Well for a start, as much as I abhor their tactics and sales pages, in some ways they work! Obviously they don’t work on everyone, but they do on enough people to make some quite successful. Leaving aside the fact that using the term “Internet Marketing” grates my soul when marking is so much more than that, let’s look at what lessons we can learn from them;

1)      Find a formula that works, and stick with it. Aim for continuous improvement, but don’t lose what works for you in the first place

2)     Define a clear target market, and seek to understand the promotional tactics and types of copy that will influence that market.

3)      Position yourself as an expert, not just a “me too”.

4)      Get your pricing strategy right – you don’t have to be the cheapest but you do need to consider the effect of your pricing and how you communicate it.

5)      Give people and incentive to buy now – rather than thinking about it.

6)      Create a brand or brands for your products or services; preferably something without the words “power”, “unlimited” or “funnel” in it; but do make it memorable.

7)      Testimonials work! Most people are cautious followers not trail blazing pioneers, and like to hear that someone else has been happy with your product or service before they purchase.

8)      Make sure you have a sales pitch – providing information is great, but you also need a strong call to action on your website and most other marketing collateral.

9)      Content matters! I don’t suggest the pages and pages of never ending text some use, but a good amount of solid information will both position you as an expert, and improve the amount of “Google Love’ you get.

10)      Overall – get people’s attention, work out what your customer’s buttons are – and push them!

That all said – make sure you do it with a bit more class! I don’t want to be responsible for anyone putting in pop up boxes, yellow highlighted text or proof videos on their websites!

About the author

Matthew has written 10 articles for Brand Police

Matthew Cummins is the owner of Marketing Web, a marketing, website design and SEO consultancy business. Matthew has degrees in both IT and Management/ Marketing as well as practical experience in B2B and B2C sales, marketing and marketing management, SEO and website development. Matt built his first website in 1995, and has been passionate about the web ever since.

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  • Tim 11:16 PM 07/10/2010

    Nice work Matt -

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