Google Places Changes

Google Places Local Search Changes – How SEO Just Got Harder

November 14th 2010

Google has recently made major changes to Google Places and introduced of Google Boost & Google Tags. Learn how these changes will effect YOU.

Railway Sleepers Sydney

Railway Sleepers Sydney – A case study in SEO

September 15th 2010

Railway Sleepers Sydney is a case study on the SEO value of relevant content on low competition keywords, verses the increased value of links for high competition keywords.

What are Gravatars and why do I need one?

What is a Gravatar and why do I need one?

September 12th 2010

A Gravatar is an image that follows you as you publish and comment on content online. It offers branding benefits & unexpected SEO advantages.

SEO for WordPress

SEO for WordPress – Getting the Basics Right

September 5th 2010

A standard WordPress install is not set up with SEO in mind. However making a number of basic WordPress SEO changes will help to increase your search engine rankings.

SEO Basics - Title Tag and Meta Description Tags

SEO Basics – The Title & Meta Description Tags

August 30th 2010

Tips for getting your Title Tag and Meta Keywords tags correct. These tags are one of the most core basics of SEO – yet most people get them wrong!

Learning real marketing from so called internet marketing tactics

10 lessons from “Internet Marketers”

August 7th 2010

So called “Internet Marketers” selling strangely named products are not everyone’s cup of tea, and seem to have misappropriated the word “marketing”. But there are some solid lessons the rest of us can learn from their marketing tactics.

Having a successful business online takes more than building a website.

If you build it, they won’t come!

August 3rd 2010

Unfortunately the simple “if you build it they will come” simply isn’t true in most cases, and the “great e-commerce dream” can quickly turn into a nightmare. Once your website is complete, the fun is really just starting.


What is Marketing Anyway?

July 15th 2010

Marketing is concerned with every step of the process from production of the product or service right through to when the consumer well, consumes it. So, what’s most important to focus on?

Brand Police - Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Logos, Branding, Brand Building

Welcome to Brand Police

June 26th 2010

Brand Police is a new blog covering a wide range of topics related to both technology and marketing, with a focus on how small to medium sized business can apply the often forgotten fundamentals of marketing in a digital age, and why it matters!